Anything your imagination comes up with…as long as it’s safe!

Peanut butter. Probably the most common treat used to get dogs to eat tablets, with good reason! Look for one with as few ingredients as possible-even just peanuts, and avoid xylitol, which is poison to most dogs.

Apple sauce  My dogs like some fruits but they LOVE all pureed fruit. Also really good to freeze in hot weather!

Cat food. My cat is a lot fussier than my dogs. If I end up with something he doesn’t like, it’s very easy to just pop the wet food into the LickiMat. The dogs don’t believe in wasting food!

Mashed potato. Mine would sit there drooling if I was eating mashed potato, so this one was an easy one to figure out. A nice tummy warmer for the colder weather!

Cream cheese. Most dogs go nuts for cheese of any sort. Because I don’t give mine dairy, I use a lot of the dairy and nut free cheeses.  Fancy ingredients for dogs who would eat cat poo if I let them!!!

Minced meat. Cooked or raw, this is easy to smoosh into the grooves and turns a snack into something longer lasting.  Once again, great option for freezing.

Cooked peas and carrots. Veggies are good for dogs too.  Mine aren’t a fan of raw veggies, but when I makes these for me it’s just as easy to cook a few extra and share them this way.

Honey.  This is a nice long treat  as they will spend a LOT of time getting all the dregs out of all the corners.

Juice from cooked foods. I know some of us like to mop up the juices from a roast with bread, but this is a great way to share the yums with our dogs, while keeping the good stuff for ourselves!

Yoghurt.  I use coconut yoghurt as dairy gives one of my dogs diarrhoea.  There’s lots of flavours available, and being dogs, they aren’t too picky!

If you’re not sure if something is safe, Google it. Your animals can have allergic reactions or sometimes just not like the food. I had to clean mashed banana out of mine because both dogs said NO!!!

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Donna Monaghan

Canine Mobility Specialist

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