Hear from some happy clients. They say it better than I could!

Thank you for making my little man Hunter so relaxed and carefree.

He's gone from hobbling and limping after his slow walkies to running and wrestling with his doggy friends at the park again.

Donna is attentive, patient and thorough with her therapy.


-- Cheryl & Hunter

The vet did scans and all these blood tests, and told us there was nothing they could do.  She was pooing and weeing on herself, and she was just dragging herself around everywhere.  She was starting to get so miserable and we had to clean her all the time, and she couldn't run around at the park anymore, she couldn't do anything.  I couldn't believe how she was running around with all her dog friends afterwards at the park, no one could believe it.  You really are our hero!

-- Jacqui & Lilly

My 15 yo pooch had his first session last week, and he started sitting more comfortably and is much more active on our walks. All the locals at his beach noticed the difference. Donna was so gentle and aware of Jimmies response, which is great as he is a bit delicate. I'm relieved I've found some therapy for his old body, and we look forward to having Donna come back


-- Bek & Jimmy

Oompah is sitting comfortably now and not needing to side saddle to get her head looking up!! After looking after me through this current stressful period, Oompah deserved some much needed healing herself. Donna you were amazing, calming and so great with her and got straight to the cause of Oompahs issues (her hips!! We were just thinking it was her neck!) Oompah is now sooooo relaxed. I’ll be definitely recommending you
Here’s Oompah after a short walk after your session, out like a light, and I haven’t seen her sleep in this straight out position for ages ❤️

-- Claire & Oompah

Hi Donna

I am absolutely rapt with Sanchez's progress with his torn ACL.  He is much more settled with his leg and is actually walking on it.  I am so grateful to you for your treatment and kindness.  Why don't they inform you of non surgical options!  So many sleepless nights over putting him through surgery.  I think I'll follow up with a leg brace too!


-- Tracey & Sanchez

She barely itches or scratches now. We evacuated for 2 days due to the fires and I forgot to bring her cone, usually she'll make herself bleed fairly soon but there is no sign of that. Her sore on the leg is still there but it's healing. She did have quite a bit of eye gunk coming out for a few weeks after your visit like you said she would but that has settled down now. First time in years the yeast infection has gone!!

-- Emily & Shera

We won a therapy session with Donna for our 11 yo Boxer. Donna was very professional and respectful of Ollie’s need to walk away to deal with pain in his own way. After 1 treatment, we can immediately see that he is able to climb up the bench to look over the fence. A few days later, we’ve also noticed that his hind quarters are not as skinny as they used to be. They seem to be filling out again. We will definitely be booking in for another session with Donna. Thank you Dynamic Animal Therapies!!

-- Ivy & Ollie

Thanks for treating Harry today Donna. He’s a different dog this afternoon following your gentle session. His back and hips were sensitive to touch before you massaged your magic. Thanks also for the tips and recommendations to keep him on track as he hits his twilight years. For those considering taking your furry friend to Donna - you won’t be disappointed. 🐶

-- Lindsay & Harry

Donna did Fitz yesterday. Just over a week ago he misjudged and fell off furniture I'd moved. He would walk around cautiously with his back legs quite bowed and the left one had a limp which got worse over the week. During treatment he was such a patient boy and Donna was attentive to his needs of space and time off between moves. After treatment he's so much longer in his back and taller in his legs, which were noticeably straighter immediately! His lower back is also much more soft and supple when I give him pats and he doesn't tense it up. I love watching him walk now, I can see how much more freer and confident he is. I'm so glad Donna treated him! Thank you!

-- Laura & Fitz

Well, today has been busy for the humans, but since her Bowen treatment with Donna, Diamond prefers to chillax.
It’s nice to see her ‘roach’ and sleep on her back again, a favorite greyhound sleeping state (which was getting too hard for her before her treatment).
Thank you again!! 💖🐾 and Diamond says hi and kisses!

-- Vanessa & Diamond

When I first decided to try physio for Bonnie everyone laughed, but now the physical change in her is incredible and no one can say it doesn’t work.

Donna is able to put Bonnie at ease while discreetly helping to encourage Bonnie’s muscles and back legs work together again.

During her most recent session Bonnie managed to jump up on the couch, something she hasn’t been able to do in over a year.

Thank you Donna, with your help we can still walk Bonnie and do her favourite things!

-- Katelyn & Bonnie

Vader is a seven year old Great Dane. His humans have been told he had hip issues and had been unable to find any real relief, whereas I found tension in his midback. He was short stepping with his front legs, his back legs were held stiff and his tail only moved a few centimetres to each side. After working on his hips and lower back, the tail was swinging out around 20 centimetres each side and the boy would not stop bounding around! After the treatment we checked his gait, he was a very happy boy who had a much more Great Dane walk instead of a horsey gait, he had a great turning circle due to increased flexibility in his spine and muscles, his back legs were much looser and he could sit well, instead of slowly and a little splayed. Big changes for a big boy!

-- John & Vader

Donna is so wonderful, our little Bella has issues with her with her hips, and trouble walking. Now she’s finding running after her ball so easily.

Thank you Donna

-- Nicola, Steve & Bella

24 hours post treatment for post surgery muscle spasm and general discomfort after two month of being injured. What a difference a day makes. No shaking on the injured leg and freer movement. Thank you so much Donna for you care and attention to my Sheldon. He’s smiling brighter today too. Physical and alternative therapy is just as important for animals as it is for humans. We really are grateful for what you do.

-- Gemma & Sheldon

Hello Donna

You worked on my dog Alfie at the markets the other day and I am in awe that she has had no visible stiffness or pain since then!!  She has no trouble getting up in the morning now. You are amazing.  X

-- Ascher & Alfie

This is before i had no idea what to do with his face-vets were unsure what was wrong with it and prescribed antibiotics so the next day it was twice as large and his eye was swollen shut and i called them again to which they said come in and we'll try something else. a few hours after seeing donna and her doing some of her hands on work with him his face was so much better!! There is still today fluid leaking out (1 day later) but i will definitely run problems by her first next time with the furry babies/old men ..love 18 year old Toby 🙂

-- Celeste & Toby

It has now been around a year since I treated Toby. His humans have let me know that these abscesses used to be a recurring issue, but he's had none since his treatment. Celeste probably would not have been as scared while looking after her parent's dog had she known they were a common issue, but this is just one of the lymphatic benefits of the work I do 🙂

As I pulled into a client's driveway, I got this message.

"Hi Donna, turn around hun 🙁 Hannah's gone into retention and we need to get her to the vet."

I was already there so while they got her in the car I did a quick treatment on the areas that felt tight. Later that night:

"Hi Donna, not sure if mums spoke to u? Hannah seems ok. Vet put her on antibiotics even though by the time we got there she was acting all normal and had a big wee! Thank you so much for your work on Hannah we really believe it helped her tremendously! She settled right down and did not feel the need to try wee on the way! Even though she'd been straining for ages!"

-- Louise & Hannah

Yasi is a nine year old former racing whippet, who is 14 months post FCE (spinal stroke). He suffered from paralysis in both hind limbs. Although he has regained use of his limbs and bladder control, he has an abnormal stance and is not comfortable running or walking-he is very careful about how he moves. His human had tried rehab elsewhere with no real results. Halfway through the treatment he was holding his head high again, had better control of his back legs with a completely different gait and was back in a normal whippet stance. He also went from being nervous around me to running to me at every opportunity and climbing into my lap which according to his human is very unlike him!

-- Evelyn & Cyclone Yasi

Donna came to meet with Duce and I for assessment and treatment. She was very patient and nurturing, allowing Duce to take rests in between treatments. Since Donna's visit, Duce seems more comfortable using his back leg muscles to jump and run, and struggles less when squatting to go the toilet. Donna is very knowledgeable and gave great advice on how we can help Duce at home with ongoing exercises. Duce is a lot more confident in himself and his movements since his treatments. I would definitely recommend the service for any dogs struggling with conventional therapies, or to use in conjunction for ongoing rehabilitation.

-- Pippa & Duce

Rudy loves to follow his human around while walking and jumping on his back legs, which concerns her he may injure himself. He also has a luxating patella that his human pops back in for him. He seems in good condition all over, other than one spot on his inner back right leg that made his leg collapse. I worked on and around that spot, which led to him crying and pulling his leg away from me, and with some more work we got rid of his reactions to that spot. His human had not been aware there was any issue there, let alone a spot that when lightly palpated would cause that leg to collapse.

-- Dianne & Rudolph

For the first time in his life, Nitzy can sit straight! I wanted to thank you again for coming and helping Nitzy out. After your visit Nitzy spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in deep sleep. But was more bouncy than usual and full of energy since 6am this morning. I've noticed he actually is playing differently too. He is happy to roll around more and his new play this morning is wrestling with his toosh in the air and his face planted on the floor (more comfortable twisting his body).

-- Serayia & Schnitzel

I work with people who have almost given up on getting results for their animals. A few years ago I was you.  I'd been throwing every surgery and treatment at my dog Bosco and there was no improvement.  Alternative therapies have been life changing, he can do dog things again like;

Roll onto his back!

Chase a ball!

Use stairs!

Jump onto my bed!

Lift his leg to pee!

Stretch without yelping in pain!

Get in contact if your animal would benefit from what I do.

Hey Donna, wanted to send and share these photos with you of Kira 6 months ago and now. Thanks to your generous input in those crucial early stages we got her using the right muscles, building strength and developing a wonderful posture. And just look at the difference in her ears! No more infections!

Again my thanks for all you do x

-- Tina & Kira

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