Something's wrong, but what?

Trying to find out what's wrong?

Let me help!

What's different about what I do?

Why do I think I can help when no one else has been able to?

Because I keep getting great results with dogs no one else has been able to help.  I will always recommend a vet for emergencies, but I am not a vet.  Unlike a vet I have trained in bodywork therapies, not in medicine.  I don't see a sore leg and treat the sore leg, I assess the whole body and see where the issue started, and that is where I start treating.

I'm a rehabilitation nurse for humans, and now I'm using those same skills on animals.  I know how it feels when a muscle reacts a certain way, because I've seen it in people.  People get a massage or see a therapist when they hurt themselves, and we need to make it common for animals.

I want to get these same great results for your animals.

There are two main reasons I package my services. Firstly, often their issue didn’t happen overnight.  So when we make changes to your dog physically, we need to ensure they stay put.  Secondly, I want to involve YOU as much as possible in your dog’s healing.

I will teach you two preventative techniques at the first session, and ensure you are doing these correctly.  During the second session I will confirm you are applying them correctly and advise of any changes needed to your technique.

I will teach you two exercises specific to your dog's condition and you will notice the improvement. These won't require my supervision!!

I will also watch your dog move around the house, and point out things that they do that would benefit from changes. Changes YOU can implement to help keep them comfortable and in good condition.

This package includes

2 sessions with me within a week

2 techniques taught to their human

2 exercises taught to their human

my input on changes to make to the house

and is $400

Vader is a seven year old Great Dane. His humans have been told he had hip issues and had been unable to find any real relief, whereas I found tension in his midback. He was short stepping with his front legs, his back legs were held stiff and his tail only moved a few centimetres to each side. After working on his hips and lower back, the tail was swinging out around 20 centimetres each side and the boy would not stop bounding around! After the treatment we checked his gait, he was a very happy boy who had a much more Great Dane walk instead of a horsey gait, he had a great turning circle due to increased flexibility in his spine and muscles, his back legs were much looser and he could sit well, instead of slowly and a little splayed. Big changes for a big boy!

He loves our son, and really gets excited to see him, and that's the only time his tail wags. But it usually only wags a few centimetres each way, and now it's going about 20 centimetres each way! He's sitting differently, he's getting up faster, and his steps are much longer. He moves totally differently!

-- John & Vader

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