Senior's package

Is your dog slowing down?

I can help!

Old age is not a disease, but diseases can develop with it.

When dogs injure themselves, they hide it so they don't appear weak, and will just walk a different way to compensate so it doesn't hurt.  Some of them never stop walking that different way!  Until me 😉

When you have an older dog who has been compensating for 3, or 4, or 5 years....that's however many years of using their body incorrectly.  Imagine the damage it is doing to use their body incorrectly long term, the uneven wear and tear it leads to on the bones in their joints.  I reset their muscles so they remember how they are supposed to be used.

Many dogs have some tightness somewhere, and many have some weakness.  I cannot stress enough on the importance of strength and flexibility in senior dogs - you do not stop exercising them, you adapt their exercise to be less intense but more frequent.  In conjunction with the work I do, appropriate exercise, modifications to their environment, analgesia and supplements as needed.  These are all things we do for older people, let's start doing them for older animals too.

I'm not a magic cure, I advocate for lifestyle changes to manage health in people and animals. I am a registered nurse and work in rehabilitation, so it is really exciting for me to be able to transfer the skills I’ve honed with people over to animals – including having an idea of how they’ll react to certain parts of the treatment.

I want to get these same great results for your animals.  If you know an animal who is slowing down and dealing with age related changes, this could be just what they need.

There are two main reasons I package my services. Firstly, especially with older dogs, often their issue didn’t happen overnight.  So when we make changes to your dog physically, we need to ensure they stay put.  Secondly, I want to involve YOU as much as possible in your dog’s healing.

I will teach you two preventative techniques at the first session, and ensure you are doing these correctly.  During the second session I will confirm you are applying them correctly and advise of any changes needed to your technique.

I will teach you two exercises specific to your dog's condition and you will notice the improvement. These won't require my supervision!!

I will also watch your dog move around the house, and point out things that they do that would benefit from changes. Changes YOU can implement to help keep them comfortable and in good condition.

This package includes

2 sessions with me within a week

2 techniques taught to their human

2 exercises taught to their human

my input on changes to make to the house

and is $400

When Lindsay walked in with Harry I could see straight away where this golden oldie was stiff. He was shuffling instead of walking, and shifting all his weight away from his hips.  When I assessed him he flinched each time I touched anywhere near his hips and lower back.  By the end of the treatment he was bouncing around and his human was able to rub his back without Harry crying out or flinching.

I want this for your golden oldie!

Thanks for treating Harry today Donna. He’s a different dog this afternoon following your gentle session. His back and hips were sensitive to touch before you massaged your magic. Thanks also for the tips and recommendations to keep him on track as he hits his twilight years. For those considering taking your furry friend to Donna - you won’t be disappointed. 🐶

-- Lindsay & Harry

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