I've tried so many things, no one can help package

My turn! I was you!

What's different about what I do?

Why do I think I can help when no one else has been able to?

Because I keep getting great results with dogs no one else has been able to help.  I will always recommend a vet for emergencies, but I am not a vet.  Unlike a vet I have trained in bodywork therapies, not in medicine.  I don't see a sore leg and treat the sore leg, I assess the whole body and see where the issue started, and that is where I start treating.

I'm a rehabilitation nurse for humans, and now I'm using those same skills on animals.  I know how it feels when a muscle reacts a certain way, because I've seen it in people.  People get a massage or see a therapist when they hurt themselves, and we need to make it common for animals.

I want to get these same great results for your animals.

There are two main reasons I package my services. Firstly, often their issue didn’t happen overnight.  So when we make changes to your dog physically, we need to ensure they stay put.  Secondly, I want to involve YOU as much as possible in your dog’s healing.

I will teach you two preventative techniques at the first session, and ensure you are doing these correctly.  During the second session I will confirm you are applying them correctly and advise of any changes needed to your technique.

I will teach you two exercises specific to your dog's condition and you will notice the improvement. These won't require my supervision!!

I will also watch your dog move around the house, and point out things that they do that would benefit from changes. Changes YOU can implement to help keep them comfortable and in good condition.

This package includes

2 sessions with me within a week

2 techniques taught to their human

2 exercises taught to their human

my input on changes to make to the house

and is $400

Yasi is a nine year old former racing whippet, who is 14 months post FCE (spinal stroke). He suffered from paralysis in both hind limbs. Although he has regained use of his limbs and bladder control, he has an abnormal stance and is not comfortable running or walking-he is very careful about how he moves. His human had tried rehab elsewhere with no real results. Halfway through this treatment he was holding his head high again, had better control of his back legs with a completely different gait and was back in a normal whippet stance. He also went from being nervous around me to running to me at every opportunity and climbing into my lap which according to his human is very unlike him!

He is going really well. Did short walks Monday and Tuesday. Today was the big test with my dog walking group. He is definitely walking lighter, prancing with a more even gait. He ran with more confidence and I feel his turns were smoother. Am sure this will improve even more as his confidence returns. He was very happy running that's for sure and he wasn't panting after half an hour like he usually does. I am very happy. Thank you very much for your help. All is looking good

-- Evelyn & Cyclone Yasi

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