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Why would you need more than one session?

I package my services for 2 reasons:

Firstly, often your dog’s issue didn’t happen overnight so when we make changes to your dog physically, we need to ensure they stay put.

Secondly, I want to involve YOU as much as possible in your dog’s healing.

When I teach you two exercises specific to your dog's condition, you will see improvement. These are less difficult to implement and don't require my supervision!!

For those choosing two sessions, I will also teach you two techniques to prevent your dog's specific issue from returning. The first session will include me teaching you the techniques and ensuring you are doing it correctly.  On the second session I will confirm you are doing it correctly and advise of any changes needed to your application.

Each of these packages includes

2 sessions with me within a week

2 preventative techniques taught to their human

2 exercises taught to their human

my input on changes to make to the house

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The above packages are $400 each

Preventative care package

No issues?

Let's keep it that way!

1 session with me
2 exercises taught to their human
my input on changes to make to the house

Puppy package

Get your pup off to a safe and happy start.

1 session with me
2 exercises to help physical development
2 puppy games to help emotional learning
my input on puppy proofing your house

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These packages are $300 each

For those who have completed a package


For those wanting a one off session instead of a package


For those wanting another session who have not completed a package


If you want to start on some huge changes for your animal, and you're ready to step up and make the changes required, let's connect.

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