I see more and more people including their dogs in all holidays and festivities (yay!)

Here are some nice, cheap and EASY ways to DIY a costume

Collars with fun stuff attached. You can get cutesy collars that look like costumes-like a scary knife in two pieces that looks like it’s going through their neck, or make them into a pretty flower, a lampshade, or a martini glass.

A harness with something attached. If your dog already wears a harness you can easily attach some wings to it. I saw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a disposable baking tray sprayed and attached as a shell!!!

A cape. You can attach a cape to their collar or make a bandana style one to flow down their back. They can be any number of super heroes, a wizard, or a vampire.

Paint it on. If your dog doesn’t enjoy costumes, you can paint one on, or use chalk! You can easily paint their skeleton on in any colour, or make them like a tiger, a leopard, even like a rainbow! Just make sure you use pet safe materials in case they’re a licky monster.

Muzzles. You can get duck bill muzzles, Hannibal Lecter ones, or can attach things to your existing one. Don’t leave them on too long and make sure the dogs aren’t having trouble breathing, and can still drink water.

Hats or headbands. If your dog accepts these you can have SO MUCH FUN! For hats I’ve seen a pointy hat and a cotton wool beard make them a garden gnome, a cherry on top of a cupcake, and an aviator hat and scarf make them a pilot. Headbands make great unicorns, deer, or aliens.

Bandanas. Most dogs accept these and they come in a range of patterns. You can also make your own. You can have matching costumes in matching fabric!!

Glasses or masks. So many recognisable characters wear glasses. Harry Potter, Minions, a Dogtor, Milhouse, Clark Kent.  For masks you can dress them as anything, BatDog, a cat, a butterfly! Make them out of soft fabric or light cardboard so they tolerate them.

Groom them into a shape. One of my regular clients shaves their dog a lions mane. Another has a poodle shaped like a teddy bear. One mini schnauzer gets a mullet and flannel shirt combo every Halloween!

Wrap them. You can use bandages to make them a mummy! If they’re not scared of the noise, wrapping paper makes them an adorable present. If your dog tolerates something wrapped or tied around their waist, you can prop something nice and light on top and secure it to a belly band. Attach a teddy bear, a toy cat, a shark fin-anything that they’ll accept can become part of their costume.

Don’t forget, if your dog isn’t enjoying the costume, don’t force them to wear it. Even happy friendly dogs might snap at someone if they’re uncomfortable and irritated.

Download the printable infographic here!

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Donna Monaghan

Canine Mobility Specialist

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