Muzzles can be used to change lives, they show a dedicated owner. Well done YOU for taking the time to learn how!

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Open up the world. If you have a dog who is reactive to other dogs, children, steel cap boots, noisy leaves, or people with hats on, you can find adventures pretty limited.  By taking control of the situation with a muzzle, you and your dog can start enjoying public places again SAFELY.

Is your dog a super scavenger? My Linka will eat anything she finds. The grosser and stinkier, the better. Dead rat and cat poo unfortunately smell pretty good (allegedly).  A basket muzzle means she can still sniff all the stinky things on a walk, but cannot get them into her mouth.

Receiving bodywork. You may find yourself the proud parent of a dog who is GREAT with strangers, except when receiving care from strangers like, say, me!  You still want them to receive care-but the care provider deserves to not have their face eaten off (me. I want my face not eaten off).  Muzzles let us get your animal into better shape by getting our job done, safely.

Strong prey drive. This doesn’t make them a bad dog, it just means they are a dog. If you’re introducing a new animal into the house, it means the animals can safely explore each other without being completely separated. Muzzles are a great socialisation tool.

If they escape your yard. Many ranger services muzzle animals for transport.  If your dog fights being muzzled, it just means it takes even longer to get them back home with you.

Recovering from surgery.  My dogs hate the cone of shame (Elizabeth cones) even though we have a Comfy Cone they help each other remove it as often as possible.  Muzzles mean your dog can’t get into the wound and lick it until it opens, or oh so helpfully remove the stitches, the dressing, or the drain.

Natural disasters. As dramatic as it may sound, these things happen.  Holding areas for animals often have many in close proximity-muzzles reduce the risk of bites and fights. If you can muzzle or crate yours, they’ll be easier to handle and welcomed.

Getting groomed.  Your sweet little fluffball may be one of the many breeds that need regular grooming.  With so many people getting rescue dogs, you don’t have the option to train them to be accustomed to all the handling from puppyhood.  Muzzles are a great safety tool for while your dog becomes accustomed to having their body and feet handled.

Seeing the vet. The OG of animal care!  Many animals get stressed just going to the vet as there are many scents there-including the scent of other animal’s fear. If you’ve got a scaredy cat (or dog) your vet will appreciate a muzzle in place-it keeps them and the other animals safe.

You can make them look like a duck. This might not seem like a big deal, but this does make your dog in a muzzle look a lot less scary.  Plus, come Halloween (or any other dress up event) you’ll be prepared AND amused. Two of my favourite things!

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