Helping animals with physical issues,

and their humans who have almost given up!

Donna and Taz

Why I became a Bowen therapist for animals:

My dog Bosco has severe hip dysplasia and I was told by numerous vets he'd be in a wheel chair by age five. After numerous surgeries and trying physiotherapy and chiropractic work with no luck, it looked like the wheelchair would be his only option. He showed huge improvements after his first Bowen Therapy treatment, and weekly visits soon turned into fortnightly, monthly, and now I maintain him with treatments around every six weeks. After seeing how much it improved him I became a passionate advocate for it, and have become a practitioner myself. With ongoing management at almost eight he now runs, plays, and is more active with less limping. I also take both my dogs running every day so he has great muscle tone as well.
I'm not saying it's a magic cure, I advocate for lifestyle changes to manage health in people and animals. I am a registered nurse and work in rehabilitation, so it is really exciting for me to be able to transfer the skills I’ve honed with people over to animals – including having an idea of how they’ll react to certain parts of the treatment.

A deeper insight...

I'm a mobile bodywork therapist, working closely with animals in pain or experiencing behavioral issues. I use gentle, non drug, non invasive bodywork treatments, so you can avoid putting your animal through expensive surgeries that may not work.

I've been where you are, and I know how hard it is to see your much-loved animal in distress. I was desperate until I found the therapies I now practice, and I'm getting great results.

Let's improve your pet's quality of life together.

We won a therapy session with Donna for our 11 yo Boxer. Donna was very professional and respectful of Ollie’s need to walk away to deal with pain in his own way. After 1 treatment, we can immediately see that he is able to climb up the bench to look over the fence. A few days later, we’ve also noticed that his hind quarters are not as skinny as they used to be. They seem to be filling out again. We will definitely be booking in for another session with Donna. Thank you Dynamic Animal Therapies!!

-- Ivy & Ollie


24 hours post treatment for post surgery muscle spasm and general discomfort after two month of being injured. What a difference a day makes. No shaking on the injured leg and freer movement. Thank you so much Donna for you care and attention to my Sheldon. He’s smiling brighter today too. Physical and alternative therapy is just as important for animals as it is for humans. We really are grateful for what you do.

-- Gemma & Sheldon

About the services I provide...

My main passion is working with animals who have physical issues.  Getting them walking again, easing pain, stopping limping, helping them jump back up  on the couch with you, even letting them roll onto their backs again!

I also work with other health issues.  I've treated issues that initially looked to be behavioural like being reactive to noise, or being aggressive-some have turned out to be pain causing the problem.  I've unblocked constipated animals, and helped ease loose bowels in others.

I do both preventative and rehabilitative care.  Let me stop a little niggle or limp after exercise BEFORE it becomes a big problem.  Let me help with post surgical or post injury rehabilitation so they improve quickly.  I help resolve or improve many issues.  Contact me and see how I can help your animal.

This is before i had no idea what to do with his face-vets were unsure what was wrong with it and prescribed antibiotics so the next day it was twice as large and i called them again to which they said come in and we'll try something else.. a few hours after seeing donna and her doing some of her hands on work with him his face was so much better!! There is still today fluid leaking out (1 day later) but i will definitely run problems by her first next time with the furry babies/old men 18 year old Toby 🙂

-- Celeste & Toby

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